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Soil & Mulch: The Roots of Your Landscape Family

Your property is like a family. Plants, trees and shrubs need a rich, vibrant bed to take root in. Before they blossom and flower, their bed needs to be built with nutrient-rich soils. Davey Gravel has the quality topsoil, triple mix and 50/50 that your plants need. Soil is like grandparents for your garden plant family, providing them with a rich foundation.

Like a protective parent, mulch provides shelter to keep away weeds, while also maintaining moisture and nutrients. At Davey Gravel, we have a variety of mulch that will complement your property: red, rustic, cedar, black and natural pine.

With a little help from Davey Gravel in Orillia, your yard will reward you with a gorgeous property. Let us help you nurture it! Stop by and see us or call to schedule a delivery .

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